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Has it been a while since your air ducts have had a good cleaning? Have they ever been cleaned at all? Attentive Carpet Upholstery & Duct Cleaning is your provider for local air duct cleaning in Bolton, ON.
We, at Attentive Carpet Upholstery & Duct Cleaning, provide complete air duct cleaning. If your duct system is dirty – and this applies to both commercial and residential – it is creating indoor air pollution. As contaminants start to build up inside the duct work, they will provide a breeding ground for spores, mold, fungus, bacteria and mildew as time goes by. Animal dander and hair also collects inside the duct work. 
The best way to remove all these air polluting agents is by using an experienced, reliable and professional team of air duct cleaners. Attentive Carpet Upholstery & Duct Cleaning is your air duct cleaning specialist! We provide the expert service and we keep the air duct cleaning cost down.
We use one of two methods for cleaning duct work. One method, the Push –Pull Method, blows compressed air through the registers, which will dislodge all the debris and the contaminants which are stuck inside the ducts. An industrial vacuum placed near your furnace will catch the debris.
The other method we use, called the Complete Suction Method, employs a long hose connected to our industrial vacuum unit. We feed the hose down the entire length of each line, which then pulls all the debris into our vacuum.
The last step in either cleaning method is complete air duct disinfecting. This is a most important step, as it will kill off any germs and contaminants.
Our goal, as an air duct cleaner company, is to leave you with germ –free, particle –free air. So call us today and let’s get your air duct system sparkling clean!