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Is your upholstered furniture looking dingy and tired? Would you rather not have to buy new furniture? Don’t forget! Call Attentive Carpet Upholstery & Duct Cleaning for local upholstery cleaning in Bolton, ON!
Attentive Carpet Upholstery & Duct Cleaning provides cleaning for all types of upholstery. Our safe cleaning process leaves your upholstered furniture feeling soft and smelling great. We provide both fabric and leather upholstery cleaning.  The cleaning processes for each of these types of upholstery is different, but the same results will be achieved; clean, fresh furniture! 
If your furniture cleaning involves fabric upholstery, our process begins with an inspection of the actual fibers. If there are heavily soiled areas, we will pretreat them. We use the proper temperature and power on our cleaning equipment, as different fabrics need different settings in order to not damage them.
We apply the proper type of upholstery cleaner, which is always non –toxic, organic and biodegradable. If there are heavy stains, we have three types of stain removers we can apply. This depends on what type of stain is present.
When we clean leather upholstery, the process is different. Leather dries out with time, and can crack and lose color. This makes the surface much more vulnerable to becoming stained. This can result in shortening the life of the upholstery.
The cleaning process Attentive Carpet Upholstery & Duct Cleaning uses will extract all that grime and dirt that’s worn into the leather. With that process, you have the added bonus of replenishing the oils present in the pores of the leather upholstery. Your leather will no longer be dried out, which lessens its susceptibility to stains. This is much better than investing in new leather furniture!
Attentive Carpet Upholstery & Duct Cleaning is your trusted upholstery cleaning company. We clean all types of furniture, from sofa cleaning to hassocks